Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Netflix Coupon 3 Months

Hi all, my name is Joe and I'm about to tell you about a Netflix Coupon 3 Months I came across.

I typed in Netflix Coupon 3 Months into my Google search bar and came up with many websites that have absolutely nothing to do with what I was searching for. So I figured that I would spend a little time to find what I needed and then if my experience satisfied me I would write about it on my blog and spread the word for those interested.

There are a ton of Netflix free trial offers out there, if you didn't already know.  What people don't know, which I discovered, is that if you spend a little more time looking the offers seem to get better and better as your research progresses.

So early on in my research I did come across a seven day Netflix free trial. Then a few minutes later, a full week. And so on and so on, until I found the largest Netflix coupon worth a full three months of usage before any payment. This looked pretty good to me, so I followed the link to the page and I saw two more things that I did not expect.

This company whose webpage I have stumbled upon, was actually offering my pick  of two large prizes should I choose to sign up for my Netflix free trial account with them. Honestly it look like a scam to me. Actually let me just tell you what I saw when I came to the page. I saw a $500 cash gift card or two years free Netflix usage if I signed up at this particular page.

Then I got into a bit of the fine print and discovered that I need to sign up for several other free trial offers that would require payment at some near point in the future. So I figured the whole thing out, these companies that get ahold of these offers make much more money than the worth of the prizes they have to give out.

This is most likely because people forget all of the trial offers they have signed up for, or they stay with the offers on purpose. This way payments start coming in that are much larger than the free  prize they gave out earlier.

So actually it's not too bad. If one has the time and patience, and wants to play the game within about one day if they pay attention to what they're doing and keep track of all the trials that have signed up for a person can come away with a  pretty phat prize in the end.

Actually, I was quite pressed for time when I signed up for my Netflix trial so all I had time to do was to locate a three-month trial for free. And I just didn't bother with the other offers and prizes. So the result of my research is that I was able to locate a very long free Netflix trial offer, a three month free trial to be exact.

And since this is the longest free offer I have ever seen for Netflix (Netflix Coupon 3 Months), I figured I would pass the good world long for those interested. So if you are please click the link inside this article right here to head over to the page and check out. All the best.

Have a look at the page if you like: Netflix Coupon 3 Months