Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Roku Netflix Coupon Code

As you may have noticed  already, the title of this article is Roku Netflix Coupon Code. I type this into Google the other day, and not many results. After reading most of the results on the first page of Google I noticed many of the reviewers had very large biases.

So I figured I would give hopefully a more neutral word or two for those looking to grab a Netflix coupon code. Really these days code is not required, but you do need to know where to go to get a good free trial. At the time of this writing the webpage that I will be showing you a link to, offers one free month of Netflix usage.

Of course companies change their minds, but right now one can get 30 free days of Netflix usage. Everyone likes to stream Netflix movies on the device of their choice. Personally for me it's my iPhone, and if I must the Wii in my living room. And sometimes on my laptop, as I do most of my work writing in coffee shops. So I will have a movie running in the corner as I write. This is really good background noise and of course I can pause the movie anytime when I don't want to be distracted.

Netflix services, from my research at least, seemed to be the cheapest, best for streaming, and is usable on the most amount of devices. So since as you are today, I was looking for a Roku Netflix Coupon Code I figured I would write a little article about my experience signing up as a new member to Netflix.

There are a lot of offers inferior to this one-month free trial. Some webpages offer you a seven day free trial and some offer 14 days. In this case the trial is one month-long so you get a lot of free movies before you have to pay anything. Also if someone is willing to go the extra mile and get some free prizes, the two prizes offered at this particular webpage are pretty big.

I barely started reading the fine print,  and did not have time to finish reading the requirements for getting my choice of one of two prizes being offered. I was already aware that companies give large prizes when you sign up for a handful of trial offers for other services are selling.

Obviously the prizes they give out cost much less than the profits they make from those signing up for all of those different trial offers. So if one is interested in spending a little time and reading all the rules on this particular webpage that the offer is on one could make this company fulfill their offer of a $500 cash gift card, or a two year span of time with a free Netflix account.

Now, I'm sure it would take a lot of participation in additional trial offers to get these prices as I have not gone to that length myself. But these are the largest prizes I have seen next to a free Netflix trial offer. So I figure if you want some free Netflix time, and want to expand on act with some other free prizes then this would be the place to go, which happens to be the page I found on which I signed up for my free Netflix trial.

So if you are interested  have at it, please click the link in this article which will take you to a free Netflix trial offer for 30 days. All the best to you, and I hope you enjoy your free one month Netflix trial offer. Take care.

Take a look: Roku Netflix Coupon Code